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100% Hawaiian Coffee & Espresso

Our coffee and espresso are sourced from the best coffee farms on Big Island. The utmost attention and intention are given from bean to cup to ensure the best end result for You.

  • Cookie Butter Latte

  • Magic Citrine

  • Peep This

  • Dirty Matcha

  • Mermaid Latte

  • Heart Chakra Latte

  • S'mores Frappe

  • Golden Milk

  • Summer Slush

    Fresh Made Food

    Sandwiches & Bubble Waffles made fresh every time. Unique flavor combinations, high quality ingredients and artfully prepared by magical kitchenistas. 

    Explore the Taste

    Fresh Baked Daily

    All of our pastries are fresh baked daily. From old family recipes, unique twists on classics and experiments gone right...we always include the most important ingredient, aloha.

    Daily offerings often include bagels, cupcakes, scones, cookies, quiche, cake and more.

    Opening Hours

    • Sunday – Saturday
      9am – 5:30pm
    "Ola I Ka Wai"
    Water is Life
    The foundation of our business is built on water. Whether you are enjoying espresso, coffee, lemonade, cacao or even all starts with water.
    We have put a lot of heart and intention into how to source the best water. It starts with our double carbon filter which helps to remove impurities and acts as a disinfectant.
    Next it runs through our Quantum Filter. It is designed to bring you the cleanest water possible without the use of electricity or chemicals.
    We then source elite shungite that is known for it's incredible water purification, anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties.
    Additionally we use other crystals, such as quartz and amethyst, and infuse and charge them with our intentions for health, joy and aloha.

    We find the more pure and alive the water is, the more vibrant our creations become.
    The Journey to the Destination

    One of the best things about Nector is the journey to get there through our magical sister boutique, Wild Heartist. Our flagship shop, Wild Heartist opened 11-11-17 and created sacred space for three years before Nector joined her on 11-11-20. Together they weave a wholistic superpower to nourish your body, mind and spirit. 

    Located in the Historic
    Downtown Hilo

    Photo Courtesy of Don Mitchell

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    Where to Find Us

    Hilo Kamehameha

    216 Kamehameha Ave 

    Hilo Kino'ole

    180 Kino'ole St Ste 104