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Our Intention

To create a go to gathering place for the local community and visitors that offers a nourishing and uplifting menu combined with local art and music for the mind, body and spirit. 

Our Offering

Exquisitely prepared coffees, teas, shakes and elixirs, along with snacks and desserts that are rooted in exceptional quality ingredients and prepared with care and precision.

Our Vision

Nector does not just sell drinks. It creates uplifting concoctions that start with the sweetest intentions, combined with the best ingredients, using the highest quality tools, infused together in the most magical space and lovingly mixed up by heart centered baristas, resulting in a one of a kind, high frequency, mind, body and heart expanding cafe experience.


Space holder, conscious creator, aloha centered, positive, aware, loving...these are all part of what it means to be a unicorn. We understand the energy and intention that goes into your food and drink is just as important as the ingredients. We begin every creation with breath, intention and center ourselves around creating the best experience for our guests.

Mishi Clauberg


Tor Clauberg


Jordyn Anderson

Mixologist Manager

Sara Little

Barista Manager

Lyssa Weyer


Mariah Keller-Castillo


Claire Bearden


Julie Hemond


Lilly Mikesell


Maggie Pittle


Tasha Provo


Bree Foster


Monica Bounds


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Where to Find Us

Hilo Kamehameha

216 Kamehameha Ave 

Hilo Kino'ole

180 Kino'ole St Ste 104